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Green & Clean Accomodation

About Kos 168

Kos 168 is a joint venture between 8 individuals. All have built a set of kos and placed them together to create a group of rooms. Around a central pool/gym recreation area.

At front an office, restaurant, sinetron and a spa join these group of kos under the banner of Kos 168.

In total there are 110 rooms of different size and configuration. An additional 12 rooms are under construction and will be completed by end of June.

Monthly rentals are preferred, however daily, weekly or yearly bookings are available.

Tour groups welcome We can accommodate up to 450 people. After August 530 people.

A breakfast package per person is available for any booking single or group.

Mission Statements

To produce green and clean accommodation for those who wish to stay in Bali without having to choose between a hotel or room which has below standard environment.

All rainwater is captured for future usage. All grey waste water is filtered and used to rehydrate the ground.

Everything is recycled or composted.

Electricity is solar generated or wind generated where possible.

Due to the elevation of the site we have decided to minimize usage of air conditioner as room fans are more than adequate to keep rooms temperate.

All trees on building site have been retained, garden/grass areas have been emplaced to keep buildings cool.

High angle, well vented roofs allow air passage to reduce ambient heat.

Kos 168 aim is to be carbon netual.

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  • kampung 168 garden view
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  • kampung 168 exclusive kitchen
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